ecostar specifications


Ecostar Homes specifications exceed the current requirements of the NZ Building Code.

Most new homes in New Zealand are built to meet minimum building code, Ecostar Homes are setting the new standard.

These are just some of the features which are included within all our homes,
a full specification can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Ecostar Homes feature slab edge insulation as standard. BRANZ research suggests that of all heat escaping the floor slab of the building 80% is through the edge of uninsulated concrete slabs

The exterior framing of our homes is 140mm wide, traditional frames are only 90mm. This extra width allows us to install insulation with a higher thermal value without compressing the insulation and reducing its effiency

Current New Zealand Building Code requires walls to have a thermal rating of R2.2 and ceilings R3.2. Our use of 140mm external framing allows us to provide ratings of R4.0 and R5.0 respectively

Our 2550mm stud height gives our homes a greater feeling of space

All of our homes come with a full solar hot water system as standard. Research suggests that this alone can save upwards of 30% of a households total energy usage

The Aquatrip system continually monitors your water useage and detects  leaks. In the event of an unusual water flow rate the system will shut off the water main and prevent further wastage and potential water damage


Water is an important resource for all households, without a rainwater recycling system you are literally pouring money down the drain. Our recycling system stores and filters rainwater for reuse flushing toilets and running your washing machine.

econnecx™ provides electrical home automation to create a smart home that is simple to use and install. As econnecx™ is web based it provides the ability to control your home’s energy, environment and security from anywhere in the world

Overheight doors compliment the feeling of space generated by our use of 2550mm stud and improve the passage of heat between rooms. All of our doors are 860mm wide, making them wheelchair accessible

The living areas in our homes have a polished concrete floor finish, as living areas are situated on the North facing aspect of the site this exposed thermal mass will absorb winter sun and release it throughout the evening providing a comfortable ambient heat


download a full specification here



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