the ecostar advantage


Typically, new homes built in New Zealand to meet minimum Building Code standard, will achieve a 3 - 4 Homestar rating. Ecostar Homes are designed to achieve a minimum 7 Homestar Design rating as standard, and will use significantly less energy and water, and have less moisture and condensation issues than the average new home, making it healthier to live in and more affordable to run.


International research shows that environmentally certified homes attract a market premium of up to 9%. Early New Zealand evidence indicates the same trend, with research showing strong and growing demand from homebuyers for environmental features.


The features of a 7 Homestar home by Ecostar Homes will save a   typical New Zealand household up to $1,833.59 per year2  


By tailoring our designs to minimise waste and maximise passive design, all our homes incorporate standard energy saving features whilst not adding a premium onto the cost of your home 


All of our 7 Homestar Design rated homes include the following features as standard;



 Slab Edge Insulation
 140mm Exterior Framing
 Upgraded Insulation
 Rainwater Recycling System
 Solar Hot Water System
 Aquatrip Water Saver


Our certified Homestar Building Practitioners and Assessors work closely with the other members of our design team to ensure that all of our homes outperform the New Zealand Building Code as standard


* (Target Homestar Design Rating subject to orientation and final client specification)



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